Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does Putt King produce other products aside from putting greens, flagsticks, or items found on your website?

A: No, our team is focused on bringing you the best personal putting greens on the market. What you see on our website is our only product(s) being sold at this time.

Q: Why is Putt King the best choice for personal putting greens?

A: Our product is the best in terms of quality of materials for the price. Yes there are other options on the market, but pay close attention to the materials, size, price and accessories included. Our product is made using the same high-quality materials as professional installs without costing thousands. Hands down we have the best option and value for the price.

Q: How fast are the Putt King greens?

A: Our greens have an approximate stimpmeter speed rating of ~10.5.

Q: Do you sell to sporting goods retailers or only on your website?

A: Currently, we have chosen to sell exclusively online. When we began this journey, we felt we could offer the best value by building relationships directly with our customers. Often times, the retail world is driven by hefty markups and cheaper alternative products that move quickly off shelves. That isn't who we are. We believe in building the best quality possible for those who demand more.

Q: Who is Putt King intended for?

A: We designed Putt King for all ages of both recreational players as well as competitive golfers. We simply wanted to develop a product that offered performance and longevity for all lifestyles. 

Q: How heavy is the Putt King Pro Green?

A: The Putt King green rolled in the optional roller storage together, weight approximately 70 lbs. This includes the flagsticks and cups as well.

Q: Can I travel with Putt King?

A: Putt King's roller storage is a great solution for oversize check-in luggage at most airports. Please check with your local airport for questions related to fees. The double reinforced load-end handles allow for easy wheeling and handling.

Q: What is the roller storage bag made of?

A: The roller storage bag is made from heavy duty tactical fabrics. Featuring high quality zippers, reinforced seams, high end reverse coil zippers, dual end load handles and lower wheel assembly for mobility purposes. It also features internal pocket configurations for various accessories that come included with the Putt King Pro Green.

Q: What is the size of the putting green when ready for play?

A: 5'ft wide x 11.5'ft in length

Q: Will the putting green slide around like other cheaper carpets and fabric putting mats?

A: No, Putt King has a bonded non-skid comfort foam base, that works great for a variety of flooring and flat surfaces. It offers a great comfortability on your feet. 

Q: Is it OK to leave my Putt King outside?

A: Putt King is designed to be used indoors, outdoors or wherever you choose to play. We've put our greens through hundreds of hours of testing in all-weather conditions including hot summer heat, brutal cold winters and soggy tropical storm conditions. While you can use your Putt King almost anywhere, leaving your product in these harsh environments over long extended periods of time will always have an impact on your products lifespan. 

Q: How does your product ship?

A: We work with a variety of carriers to get your product to you, wherever you may be located within the U.S or Canada. When your package arrives, the accessories will be packaged individually. The PK Pro Green will be wrapped for protection prior to packaging, which will need to be removed for play.*Please be careful when opening the putting green, not to cut the putting green. Your product is rolled tightly into its packaging so do not use razor blades or sharp edges against the product or you will likely cause damages. We will not replace products damaged by the consumer. Please let us know if you have additional questions related to opening best practices.

Q: My putting green just arrived and the ends are curled up. How do I fix this?

A: Everything is fine, and expected to have a slight curl after being securely rolled for shipping purposes. Simply unroll and flip upside down with non-skid foam base facing up. You may also use weights to hold the ends down as the comfort foam base begins to normalize. The curling will begin to go away within 1-2 days depending on the temperature in the environment. Warmer environments require less time, while colder environments can take keep the foam base rigid for a longer period of time.

Q: Do you work with corporate organizations or pro shops on custom logo putting greens?

A: We sure do! Our product team can put together a program for your specific needs. Please send our team an email at info@goputtking.com 

Q: How do you create your own breaks with Putt King?

A: Included in every order, we provide three contour slope pads. These are used to change the surface slope for a variety of breaks and levels of difficulty.

Q: How long has Putt King been around?

A: Putt King was released in 2020, however our team has over 40 years combined experience working with global consumer product organizations, new product design, development and advanced manufacturing. This is our passion and we want to deliver the best personal putting green on the market.

Q: I noticed my Putt King is shedding some of the longer blades of grass from the fringe border, is that a concern?

A: Not at all, it is normal to shed here and there, don't be alarmed, your product will continue to perform. Just like real grass, our synthetic turf sheds sometimes with wear and tear. Just simply sweep it up and keep playing!

Q: I changed my mind and would like to possibly request a refund if possible?

A: You may request a refund only if your order has not shipped. Please email our support caddie team at info@goputtking.com and let us know your situation. Refunds are subject to reprocessing fees of $23.00 USD. This includes merchant fees we are charged to process your credit card or payment method during initial checkout.


Q: I have additional questions not listed here on the FAQ's page, how can I contact your team?

A: No problem at all, we love helping our customers! Please send us an email at info@goputtking.com, or you may try our live support chat feature on the website between 8:00am-5:30pm EST, Monday-Friday.